Quality Control

During the construction phase or shortly after the completion of a construction site, defects can appear or sometimes discussions arise about the general quality of a reinforced concrete construction. This may include undesirable cracking, the presence of honeycombing, dust formation on the surface, delamination of the top layer on polished floors, peeling of the concrete surface after the occurrence of frost, etc.

SANACON offers the possibility to find out the cause of this damage on the basis of on-site research and laboratory analysis. On the basis of this scientific approach, an objective approach to the problem is pursued and an attempt is made to resolve disputes. An assessment is always made of the results by testing them against the criteria from applicable standards or required specifications.

  • Checking the adhesion of concrete repairs
  • Determination of the adhesion of coatings
  • Determination of concrete quality based on compressive tests on drilled cores
  • Determination of the concrete cover (non-destructive)
  • Determination of the frost-thaw resistance of concrete
  • Determination of the "bleeding" phenomenon on polished floors

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